Sunday, February 14, 2010

Part 2

Yesterday I sent a V7 that I had been working on for ages. Well, maybe it's V7; the moves aren't really all that hard, but the beta is really tricky. Either way, it was a project, now it's done, and I am happy about that.

Afterwards, I roasted a rib roast using this as a rub (using tablespoons for the measurements rather than teaspoons and finely minced garlic instead of garlic powder). Delicious.

Edit: Sorry to the jackals in the comments - I missed a quote in my HTML tags.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm applying for jobs at the moment, and last week I found out about a third interview. I sent an e-mail to my former advisor telling him this, and I got a quick reply saying that he was expecting that because he had talked to someone there. He also said that there were some things I should make sure to include in my presentation, but we should talk about it on the phone.

I haven't been able to get a hold of him since.

I've been building up to these interviews for the past 7ish years, there's something I should make sure to bring up to sell myself to these people, but I can't find out what it is. Awesome.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

MPI and FFTW on Snow Leopard

Random bits of (hopefully useful) information for anyone trying to install MPI and FFTW on Snow Leopard. I had to reinstall both because Snow Leopard apparently broke it when I upgraded from Leopard.

Anyway, when you run ./configure to install MPI, run it as:
$ ./configure CC="gcc -m32"
Apparently gcc now defaults to 64-bit, and this fixes it. The make and make install steps should work as usual.

As for FFTW - versions 3.2 and 3.3alpha won't compile by default, even though ./configure succeeds. You'll need this patch to fix things. Download it and save it somewhere, download and unzip FFTW, then cd into the FFTW directory. Next, run:
$ patch -p0 < /path/to/patch/directory/fftw3-SnowLeopard.patch
Then compile, make, make install as you normally would. I'm not sure if this also applies to fftw 2.whatever, but this site may have more info.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The year & decade in review.

We're 12 hours from 2010, and Kim's post got me thinking about where I was ten years ago. In college (junior year of undergrad). I had just found the first outdoor activity I really enjoyed (snowboarding, thanks to Mike). I had just figured out that I wanted to be a professor. I played bass for a swing band and occasionally in the music section for plays. I was single and had been for years.

Ten years later, I'm still effectively in college (about to begin the 2nd year of the postdoc). I have pretty much abandoned snowboarding for climbing; fair trade, I think, given that snowboarding requires involved trips and paying >$50 a day. Climbing keeps me in better shape, anyway. I haven't touched a bass in a few years now, and I miss it. I still want to be a professor. I have interviews coming up for such a job, but only two of them so I'm very nervous about it. And of course, I married the coolest chick ever.

Honestly, I think I'm on track, though I wish like hell I'd get a real income soon, preferably at a place a little bit closer to home.

As for 2009, well, we moved to CA right at the beginning of the year. I had only one simple new year's resolution: to not climb indoors all year, and I'm happy that I pulled it off. It helps that good outdoor climbing is closer than a good gym. I had other climbing goals that weren't met (a V7), but overall it's been an OK year. It's probably the first year in a long time where I would say that in general life didn't necessarily get a lot better, but they didn't get worse, either. I'm less excited about where I live, but I enjoy my work, the paper count is up to 14, and with any luck we'll move someplace affordable and permanent this fall.

The first few months of 2010 will probably be insane. First: interviews. I freak out just thinking about it. There's a previous research presentation to many people, then a second presentation on my planned research, plus a full day of one-on-one meetings to talk research. And I only have two chances to get it right. Then, in early March, there's the invited talk at APS. Also terrifying.

And at some point I will climb this thing. I'll have more to say about that some other time..

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Random stuff

I was just writing some notes in one of my work notebooks. After writing the word "asymptotic", I paused for a split (but finite) second to see if the red line appeared under it to indicate a misspelling.

You may notice that the map in the previous post (a month ago...) is updated a little bit. The yellow pegs are places that I have heard have asked for my letters of recommendation, which they won't do if they're not interested. Apparently interview invites usually go out near the end of the year, so fingers crossed.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Jobby Jobs 2.0

It's academic application season, and on Friday I got my first rejection letter of the year! It would be less depressing if it hadn't come from a place I was reasonably excited about, but such is life I guess. The map below shows all of the places that I have applied; the red one marks the jerks that rejected me. I'll have my vengeance...

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